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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello, I'm 16 and looking to finish school and start an apprenticeship. Can you offer any advice? Christian - Henley Beach

Hi Christian,

Thank you for your enquiry.

A plumbing apprenticeship is the gateway to what can be a fantastic career.

Firstly you need to evaluate the merits of whether or not you complete your schooling. Whilst completion of year 12 is not essential to gain an apprenticeship it can still be beneficial. Especially with the business/estimating side of plumbing if that interests you.

To gain an apprenticeship there are a few avenues. There are the group training organisations such as TAPS, PEER and the PIA. Or you can seek an apprenticeship direct with an employer. Often the best avenue is to seek out some work experience and ask those around you. You can also make a fantastic impression on your host in the hope they might take you on.

Ken Hall Plumbers offers work experience positions to help kick-start your career in plumbing.

Best of luck.

- Ken

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