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Friday, August 20, 2010

Things to look out for when buying a new home - Darren, Redwood Park

I'm looking at buying a home built in the seventies with a lot of large gumtrees. What would be involved to replace the sewage pipes if required and is this usually an expensive job?. I am concerned I could be faced with expensive repair costs. Do you offer inspections? Darren - Redwood Park

A house built in the seventies is more likely to have earthenware drains than PVC it wasn't until the eighties that PVC became the more commonly used product.

Earthenware drains are more prone to tree root entries which may require regular drain cleaning to maintain.

Should such issues arise I would suggest a camera inspection of the drain to identify the problem area's.

A total drain replacement can become a costly repair depending on accessibility, however limiting the replacement to the affected area's can be a more cost effective option.

Ken Hall plumbers can offer you a camera inspection and give you a detailed report on the condition of the drain at a reasonable price.

- Ken