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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My shower taps continue to drip even after I have changed the washers. Do I need new tapware? What is the cost? Marie - Magill

Hi Marie,

Unfortunately just changing your tap washers is often not enough to stop your taps from leaking.

A full tap ware service includes re-seating the tap seats, changing the O-rings and fibre washers and lubricating the spindles. I suspect in your case that your taps may require re-seating. When taps are leaking this is often due to water passing the tap washer. This passing of water can create a groove in the tap seat. Once there is a groove in the tap seat water will continue to pass through this groove even when a new washer is installed. Water can also leak from the O-ring on the spindle or from the fibre washer.

There are many guides online if you wish to give this a try yourself however it is recommended this work is carried out by a licensed plumber.

- Ken

I am 18 years old and have just completed school. I am looking to become a plumber. Do you offer work experience? Jack - Ingle Farm

Hi Jack,

Congratulations on wanting to join a fantastic and rewarding industry. The plumbing industry is full of opportunities.

Work experience is a fantastic way to start to get in to the industry. It also puts you in a lot better position to try and obtain an apprentiship. We certainly offer work experience and are always flooded with applications. If you would like to apply to complete some work experience please send you resume to

- Ken