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Friday, April 30, 2010

Keeping the shower at the right temparature - Diane - Paralowie

Question - My Parents have a gravity fed electric hot water service. We need to get the shower to be mixed so the water stays the right temperature. Can we do this or do we need to get a new solar system? We are with SA water. No-one seems to be able to explain this to me. Diane - Paralowie

Adjustingthe taps to achieve a constant temperature in the shower can prove difficult with gravity fed hot water services. This is a common fault we often get asked to look at. There are ways to overcome this problem ranging from the simple installation of a flow restrictor, the installation of a booster pump to the total replacement of the hws to a mains pressure unit. It may just be a case of simply installing a flow restrictor in the cold tap. This reduces the flow of water on the cold side to almost equal that of the hot side which makes it easier to adjust the shower. A hot water booster pump can be installed on the outlet of the hot water service creating a similar effect on the hot side by increasing the hot water flow. A mains pressure installation would guarantee equal flow rates on both sides making the shower easier to adjust. Either a solar or heat pump unit would be ideal for this replacement. One of our technicians would be happy to take a look at this for you.

- Ken