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Friday, February 12, 2010

We have a gas space heater that is about 6 years old. Should i have it serviced before winter? Jenny - West Lakes

Hi Jenny,

Great question...

It is essential that all gas appliances are maintained in a safe condition to prevent yourself from injury. As a matter of fact, in the United Kingdom you are required to conduct an annual service inspection by law. This also ensures a longer life for your appliance, and it preforms as it is designed. For this reason Ken Hall Plumbers strongly recommend you have a service done before using the appliance for the first time coming in to winter.

We conduct the following checks to ensure your appliance is safe to be operated:
- Visually inspect appliance
- Consduct gas tightness test
- Check the flame picture
- Check combustion to ensure the heater is not producing carbon monoxide which is potentially harmful
- Check all fluing
- Clean and remove all dust from fan and filters
- Check heat exchanger for cracks
- Adjust all and report for correct operation.

Give me a call and we will organsie one of our friendly gas technicians to carry out this full pre winter service for you.

- Ken

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blocked Drains. We have tried much plunging, draino, root rid with some effect but keeps coming back to haunt us! What next? Matt - Daw Park

Hi Matt,

Whilst the methods above can help temporarily clear your blocked drain they are not the best long term solution. By using one of our new drain cleaning machines we are able to cut the roots out of your drain giving you more time before they grow back again. Blocked drains are often worse in summer as tress go in search of water. Contact our office and our friendly staff will provide a booking time to get the problem sorted for you once and for all. We gaurantee they will not block again for a minimum of 3 months or we will re-attend under warranty.

- Ken

Im getting a verandah and downpipes istalled, does my paving need to be removed to connect to a storm water drain - Asim, Mawson Lakes

Hi Asim,

Whilst you are not legally required to connect your downpipes to a stormwater drain this is preffered to prevent water pooling around your home. If there is an existing storwater pipe in the area it should be easy to connect in to. Ken Hall Plumbers are able to complete this task with relative ease and can quote a price before works go ahead.

- Ken