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Monday, May 12, 2014

Feedback - Anon

Thank you for the recent kind feedback from one of our valued clients:

Hello Ken Hall Plumbers. I hope this is the right place to provide a small amount of feedback. I have used your plumbers for many years now on various occasions and have not yet been disappointed. Very professional service and accurate quotes. A plumber named Kirk or Kurt, new guy he stated, did a recent job and he was a great front for the business. Very friendly, thorough and informative. I hope this feedback is helpful. Sorry I would prefer to keep my business anonymous. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just wondering if you fix and replace gas hot water systems? Max Dyason - Vale Park

Hi Max,


We are able to repair and replace any type of hot water service gas, electric or solar.

We have many options available with flexible payment terms.

We offer a free quotation if you would like us to visit your home.

- Ken

We are looking to renovate our rather sad old bathroom and toilet, are you able to do quotes to include all aspects of the work involved in a complete refit? Alison - Seaton

HI Alison,


We are licensed general builders and are therefore able to handle your entire bathroom renovation from start to finish.

We offer a no obligation free in home quotation in which we can give you insights in to ideas and the latest trends.

Please contact my office and we will be happy to schedule a quotation for you.

- Ken

I am currently undertaking a pre - voc plumbing course at TAFE SA. The only problem is that I am 24 and going to be looking for an apprenticeship. I have life experience beyond my years, do you take mature age apprentices? John - Eastwood

Hi John,

It is never too late to start a plumbing apprenticeship.

A mature age apprentice can be a fantastic asset to an organisation. We currently employee many mature age apprentices. Life experience is valuable and something that can help you progress quickly with your trade.

The best way to start is to get work experience at as many business' as possible. Lead by example and i'm sure you will find a host employer.

Have you tried PEER, TAPS, PIA group training organisations.

We also employ direct. Contact our office if you would like to schedule work experience.

- Ken

Do you do free quotes? Anon - Parafield Gardens


Than you for you enquiry.

We most certainly come out and provide quotations at no charge.

We are able to quote on any Plumbing, Gas fitting, Roofing, Renovation job. No job is too big or small.

We over 30 years in the trade 'Why Trust Anyone Else'

Please contact our office on 8364 5855 if you would like to schedule a quotation.

- Ken

Monday, April 29, 2013

At my water meter is the tap on the mains side of the meter or the house side? Ray Jennison - Torrens Park

Hi Ray,

The water meter is the responsibility of SA Water. If you have any problems with your meter SA Water will repair for you.

I hope this helps. Any further questions please ask.

- Ken

Friday, March 8, 2013

We have had issues with black and green flakes, possibly scale in our hot water pipes. We were advised that it was the burnt heat exchanger in our 15 year old hot water surface, and replacing the unit with a brand new one the scale would eventually flush through. After updating the hot water unit we unfortunately still have the scale issue with flakes still being in our hot water. Unsure where to go from here without having to replace the copper piping. Can you shed any light on what is happening? Grant - Waradale

Hi Grant,

Thank you for your question.

The scale indicates a breakdown of your copper water service. Breakdown is more common in galvanised pipework than copper pipework.

Being copper it would be unusual to see to much coming through. I would need more information on how much is coming through to make a better judgement.

One test I would do is to check whether it is coming through your front garden tap. This will help narrow down where it is coming from. Once you have narrowed down the source we could consider options for rectification which would likely include replacement of the problem section of piping.

It would be worth a site inspection to help resolve an issue such as this.

- Ken