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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bathroom Renovations

Question: We are looking to renovate our tiny bathroom but not scrimp on quality fitting and bathware. Would an estimator be willing to come to Nairne to quote on a job like this? Do you handle the whole job i.e tiling, exhaust fans etc? Libby - Nairne

Answer: Hi Libby,
We are able to service all metro areas and country surrounds. We would be more than willing to attend your home and provide our recommendations and pricing. As a matter of fact we actually have plumbers who live in the Nairne and Mt Barker area. We are able to provide a complete bathroom solution from start to finish on time and on budget. We can also help with recommending some top quality fixtures for you. Please contact our office on 8364 5855 for a free no obligation quote.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am looking at renovating my bathroom. How much is the average renovation and does Ken Hall Plumbers carry out this type of work? Matt - Unley

Hi Matt,

Absolutely we carry out this type of work. In fact we have a department dedicated solely to providing the highest quality of renovations.

Our renovations can range from very small through to extensive renovations of $50k+

If you are considering renovating your bathroom ensure you contact our office and have one of our estimators have a look at it for you. I think you will be very happy with what we can offer in this area with over 27 years experience

- Ken

I am planning to open a restaurant,I have no idea about budget for plumbing,can you give me a guideline for 40 sitting restaurant kitchen?Kim-Adelaide

It's very difficult to give you a costing for these works being an open restaurant is there a drain and water connection provided?

SA Water will also require the installation of a grease arrestor size to be determined on a submission of a tradewaste application.

Are you intending to cook and heat your hot water with gas or electricity?

Jobs of this nature can vary greatly. We are fully equipped to complete these works and our team of estimators would be happy to sit down with you to determine the best plan of attack.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss further

- Ken

I have bought a new automatic washing machine and the waterhammer is dreadful. How do I stop it? Royce - Hackam West

A water hammer on a washing machine is created by the quick closing of the washing machine solenoid valve.

Pipework and fixtures can be damaged if the water hammer is not controlled.

Water hammers can be caused by a range of faults, ranging from loose pipework in the walls or ceiling, higher than recommended water pressures, loose or worn jumper valves.

On occasions even after remedying all of the above you still may need to install a hammer suppression device on your washing machine tapware.

If you would like assistance with the above please feel free to give me a call.

- Ken