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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have a gas hot water system.Is it normal for it to drip from the outlet when not heating? Gayle, Blackwood

Hi Gayle,

Fantastic question. It is normal for water to drip out of what is called the relief line when you hot water service is heating. When water is heated it expands and will vent out of what is called a pressure relief valve. A general rule of thumb is one litre for every 50 litres of water heated.

If this process is occuring even when your hot water system is not heating then i suspect you have a problem with your relief valve. Unfortunately these cannot be serviced meaning replacement will be required. This is a simple task for our tradesmen. Please contact our office and we will arrange for a convenient time to attend and repair this problem for you.

- Ken

I am interested in starting a plumbing apprenticeship and was wondering if Ken Hall plumbing takes on apprentices? Damir, Renown Park

Hi Damir,

Yes, we are always looking for new people to join our growing and dynamic team. It is very important that we support the industry through apprentiships. Follow the links through the careers section on our website.

- Ken.