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Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you do kitchen repairs? Is painted (not laminated or veneered) chipboard appropriate for use directly above an oven in a kitchen unit or might the exposure to heat and possible condensation from the oven beneath likely to damage the shelf? - Anon - Eastwood


Yes we most certainly complete works in the kitchen. We often undertake complete kitchen renovations for clients.

There are very strict rules on the clearances of combustible materials around a gas cooker or ovens.

Without knowing your cooker and application it would be difficult to advise you on your particular installation.

There are means in the code to overcome some of these clearance issues such as protecting the combustible surface with tiles or fire resistant materials.

It would be my recommendation that you have a licensed gas fitter advise you onsite with there being several different rules relating to this in the Australian gas code. We could offer this inspection and subsequent quotation for you at no charge.

- Ken 


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  2. Hey there. Thanks for your answer. The shelf is actually above the oven (separate from the cook-top) so wouldn't be exposed to fire (the cooktop is under a range, the oven is installed in a wall unit). I'm worried that because it's just painted chipboard (not laminated) that the oven will cause condensation and warp the shelf. Does that shelf have to be laminated?

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