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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our kitchen sink taps won't stop dripping. We cannot possibly turn them off any tighter. The kids cannot turn them on. We have tried every washer on the market without any success. What do you think is wrong with our taps?? Thanks for you advice. Tina - South Lake WA

Hi Tina,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately just changing your tap washers is often not enough to stop your taps from leaking. 

A full tap ware service includes re-seating the tap seats, changing the O-rings and fibre washers and lubricating the spindles. I suspect in your case that your taps may require re-seating. When taps are leaking this is often due to water passing the tap washer. This passing of water can create a groove in the tap seat. Once there is a groove in the tap seat water will continue to pass through this groove even when a new washer is installed. This groove is required to be filed back in what we call re-seating to allow the washer to seal. Water can also leak from the O-ring on the spindle or from the fibre washer. 

There are many guides online if you wish to give this a try yourself however it is recommended this work is carried out by a licensed plumber.

- Ken


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