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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have a relatively new home (built 2002). I suspect I have a cracked shower breach, (I hope I have used the correct term) and as a result I have to constantly change tap washers because of over tightening. The seats have been cleaned etc. Rather than go to great expense in the removal of tiles etc to replace the breach do you have any experinence with the X-Valve. This product is made by Methvens and can be seen at the Word Plumbing info web site. Many Thanks Ray H - Flagstaff Hill

Hi Ray,

Great question.

I'm not familiar with the Methven X Valve however from the website it appears to be similar to a standard spindle with a ball mechanism internal to the spindle instead of a jumper valve.

The X valve is not mentioned at all on the Methven Australian website which may mean that it's yet to have the Australian standards approval.

I also have concern that you mention the breecher is split, regardless of what kind of spindle is installed you will still need to replace the breecher the spindle alone will not fix this issue.

If you would like we could attend and test the breecher for you to see whether or not a new breecher is actually required. There may be other solutions we could investigate for you.

- Ken

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