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Monday, December 19, 2011

Can you please provide us some advise on our building inspection? Michele - Redwood Park

Enquiry: Hi Ken, we are looking at purchasing a property in Redwood Park. However at the building inspection the water meter was turning over even though the taps were off and not dripping. We would like to get a leak detection inspection on the house. It's A 3 bedroom home. We want to see if there is a leak and if so if its under the slab or its easily fixed. Hope to hear from you soon Michele

Hi Michele,

It is fantastic that you have had a building inspection done. So important especially when purchasing older homes for the exact reason above. It does sound as if you may have a leaking water main unless some other fixtures are leaking on the property such as a toilet cistern? Best approach would be for us to come and pressure test your water service. From there is a leak is found we can then test individual sections of pipework to locate the leak. Weather it's under the slab or outside it is definitely something we could easily fix for you. Burst water mains are a very common problem. Please contact our office if you wish for us to provide this inspection for you.

- Ken

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