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Friday, May 7, 2010

HELP!!! - Peter - West Lakes

Question - Morning ,

I am contacting your company in the hope you would be able to help me or be able to put me in contact with the suitable person within your company that would be able to forward their advice and a price to resolve a plumbing problem I have in my home.

Just after 3 years of moving into my property I have had to continually replace tap washers for the hot water tap in my shower due to a leaking tap. As you would understand this would become annoying (from the dripping noise) as it is adjoining my bedroom and frustrating (to have to change washers periodically). I have been in the property from new now nearly 5 years.

I finally succumbed and called a plumber in the rare chance they could fix the problem and I would stop wasting time, money and water. The plumber suggested reseating the breaching piece of the shower so the washer would sit flush on the housing. I agreed and advised to do the work. During the works the plumber summoned me to visually inspect a problem with the breaching piece. The plumber indicated a major problem in the housing. A slot/notch/groove in the seating of the housing, and according to the plumber the slot/notch/groove was caused by continual leaking of the tap ( which makes no sense to me) was the cause of the leak. I was given information, and estimates, so firstly I would like a second opinion from a professional company as yours did the leaking tap or water cause the notch in the housing, and secondly a price and solution to fix the problem. Hope to hear from you soon.

Answer -

The advice given to you by your plumber appears correct. A groove will occur if a tap is left dripping for a period of time. A groove is caused by water passing between a worn or split jumper valve (tap washer) and brass seat, overtime the water will cut a groove in the brass. A reseat of the tap seat on most occasions will remove this groove and stop that annoying leaking tap, however if left to long a groove will become to deep and require complete replacement of the breecher. This is not a problem for us to repair. For a price on this repair please call our office.

- Ken

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