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Friday, February 12, 2010

We have a gas space heater that is about 6 years old. Should i have it serviced before winter? Jenny - West Lakes

Hi Jenny,

Great question...

It is essential that all gas appliances are maintained in a safe condition to prevent yourself from injury. As a matter of fact, in the United Kingdom you are required to conduct an annual service inspection by law. This also ensures a longer life for your appliance, and it preforms as it is designed. For this reason Ken Hall Plumbers strongly recommend you have a service done before using the appliance for the first time coming in to winter.

We conduct the following checks to ensure your appliance is safe to be operated:
- Visually inspect appliance
- Consduct gas tightness test
- Check the flame picture
- Check combustion to ensure the heater is not producing carbon monoxide which is potentially harmful
- Check all fluing
- Clean and remove all dust from fan and filters
- Check heat exchanger for cracks
- Adjust all and report for correct operation.

Give me a call and we will organsie one of our friendly gas technicians to carry out this full pre winter service for you.

- Ken

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